Frequently Asked Questions at Double Glazing London

Which double glazing do you think has the highest quality?

Some of the best double glazing quality comes from the following types of profiles:

  • Rehau
  • Synseal
  • Veka
  • Spectus

Good double glazing is really complimented by experienced installers who can ensure that the installation is of a high standard workmanship.

Will double glazing make my home warmer during colder seasons?

Yes, double glazing will help your home retain warmth in colder seasons especially if you have heaters and or fireplaces, less warmth will escape providing you with heat retention.

Is it possible to get double glazing in different colors?

Yes, double glazing can be customized to most contemporary colors. Be sure to request the color of choice when making an order and it will be included for an extra fee.

How long does it take install double glazing windows?

It typically takes a few hours for our experienced team to install double glazing for a full house. If you would like to know how long it would take us to install your specific amount of double glazing windows, please get in touch with our friendly staff members who will be happy to provide you with all the information you require.